With us you will be able to follow your favourite diet, graph your progress, complete milestones, track your BMI and BMR throughout your diet and interact with other users for the support, encouragement and fun you need to reach your target weight.

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Graph Your Progress

Graph Your Progress

When you start a diet at DietingDiet.com, you will be able to track your progress right through to completion. When you start your diet, you enter in your target weight and diet completion date. From there we plot your estimated weekly weight until you meet your target.

This way you will be able to see how much weight you need to lose every week in order to meet your target weight by the time the diet completes. This allows you to focus on your target weight and help you to get to it.


Complete Milestones

We set weekly milestones throughout your diet. The milestone gives you an estimated weight that you should be if you want to meet your desired weight before the diet completes.

Track Your BMI and BMR

During your diet, we'll keep you up to date on your BMI and BMR as you complete each milestone. You'll also have the ability to see what your BMI and BMR will be in advance, for the next upcoming milestone.

For information about BMI and BMR click through to our weight calculators.

Find Out About Your Favourite Diets

We are constantly aquiring and writing about all the latest information on dieting in the world. Dieting takes time so it is very important that you have all the information that you need to chose a diet that you feel you can stick to. It is no use starting and stopping diets all the time - you'll just not lose weight and keep it off.

Click here to get all your dieting information.

Interact With Other Users

Interact with other usersHow best to maximise your diet that to share the experience with others who are doing the exact same thing you are. Talk about anything you want.

You can talk to other users about the diet you are on and what their recipies are. You can also ask for advice on how best to stick to the diet.

The more friends you have on DietingDiet.com the more support you will have to complete your diet. Everyone is here for the same reason so you are sure to find the help you need to stay commited.

Our friend functionality is not currently active - but it is coming very soon.